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Buns & Hoagies

Hoagies are available in lengths up to 24" and varieties that include
French, sourdough, wheat, honey wheat, white, pumpernickel and more!
Buns are available 2" and up in butter, white, wheat, onion, potato and more!

Sandwich Breads

Grecian bread 24" long. Other sandwich breads available in large loaf
are sourdough, multigrain, cinnamon raisin, rye, marble rye,
wheat, pumpernickel, white, butter and more!

Table Breads & Rolls

Breads are available in boule, demi loaf, and baguettes and rolls in various sizes.
Varieties include white, wheat, honey wheat, sourdough, Grecian, French, rye,
focaccia, pumpernickel raisin, rosemary and more!

Products are not limited to the above.
Contact us for your own custom requests and needs!

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